M. 2 Nvme Ssd Adapter M2 Pcie 3.0 X16-Kontrolleri Kaart Klahvi M Liides Toetab Pci Express 3.0 X4 2230-2280 Suurus

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Märksõnad: hp m277, pci express usb-3, pci express x1, pcie m2 nvme, pcie x1, nvme pci, m2 pce adapter, pci sata et, m2 pci, mini pcie.

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  • Liidese Tüüp: PCI Express
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)

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Mudeli Number:TXB008

Toote nimetus: PCIE NVME m.2 SSD, Et PCIE X16 laienduskaardi

Sisendi liides: M-Klahvi M. 2 NVME ( ei Toeta SATA Protokolli m.2 NGFF)

Väljund liides: PCIE X16

Toetust Pesa: PCIE X16

Toetavad Seadmed: Erinevad PCIE Protokollid NVME m.2 SSD

Support system: Windows XP/7/8/10, Linuxi ja Mac OS


Materjal:PC+ metallist

suurus:13.3*6.3 cm

Pakendi Sisu:

1 * Adapter Kaart

Ainult eespool pakendi sisu muid tooteid ei sisalda.

Märkus: Valgus pildistamise ja eri kuvarid võivad põhjustada värvi elemendi pildi natuke erineb reaalne asi.Mõõtmise lubatud viga on +/- 1-3cm.

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  • Voloshinaelena66  — 

    the quality was good and worked directly . please read a lot before thinking buy this to boot windows from it. it almost impossible on old machine

  • Salvo Gugli  — 

    Do not lead in the photo of the goods. The radiator with gaskets will not send you. The seller sends only the adapter itself (the fee in the package) the order was sent in a week. Order was tracked. The parcel went 4 weeks in St. Petersburg. Yes, and the price of it for one only a Plash (adapter) is overstated. The adapter is working, only the radiator with gaskets for it had to be bought separately, elsewhere and still waiting. In short, I do not advise him to buy anything.

  • Igor Kuzneczov 1994  — 

    The parcel came to the Moscow region exactly after 14 days, was tracked all the way. The parcel itself is sealed perfectly, the quality is also on top. But not a radiator and thermal pads there is not as in the photo. Order, the seller sent quickly. Handsome.