Punutud Nailon Elastne Soolo Aasa Apple Vaata SE 6 Rihm 44mm 40mm watchband jaoks IWatch Serie 5 4 3 Turvavöö Käevõru 38mm 42mm

€5.44 €2.66

Märksõnad: 12 20mm kella rihm, kella rihm, apple vaata 3 esiliistu 38mm pack, meeste nato rihm, replica apple vaadata serie 6, apple vaadata 6case, apple vaadata tarvikud retro, pd 1654, huawei vaata sobib strab, appl watch band.

SKU : h548 Kategooria:Vaadata Tarvikud

  • 1: eest applewatch
  • Mudel: apple kella 6-se
  • 38/40mm S: 135mm-150mm
  • 42/44mm S: 150mm-180mm
  • 42/44mm L: 170mm-210 mm
  • tingimus: Uued ilma sildid
  • Mudeli Number: apple kella 6-se
  • Bänd Pikkus: Muud
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • 38/40mm L: 160mm-200mm
  • 38/40mm M: 150mm-180mm
  • 42/44mm M: 160mm-200mm
  • Bänd Materjali Tüüp: Nailon
  • Brändi Nimi: Geekthink

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Lisa arvustus

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  • Sd St St1m  — 

    Delivery 6 days to St. Petersburg. Quality for 4 ++. The size approached me as a native. The feeling of materyal is rude, but I did not hold the original in my hands! On the hand sits well.

  • Jrgraham9juno  — 

    Very nice and good quality-the smallest size corresponds to an average man's wrist

  • Xdestinee619x  — 

    Good quality and very comfortable. Recommended

  • Craigizastud358  — 

    Highly recommended, very good quality, perfect fit, arrived very fast, I will order many more

  • Jeison 7 84  — 

    The truth that the strap is comfortable, I 've bought a lot of straps and this one's too big to put and remove. I have a 17 cm doll and buy the size M 160 -200mm and I do well, I recommend shopping and super cheap