Naiste puuvillane Haaremi Püksid Paks Fliis Kõrge Oodake Lahti Vabaaja Pahkluu pikkusega Püksid Uued Elastne Vöökoht korea Versiooni Püksid 3025 03

€14.82 €11.85

Märksõnad: liner korea puuvill, comos naiste püksid, daamid püksid capris, kõrge vöökoht pant, pant villa, a1312 imac, techwear naised, hiina riie, korea stiilis tööriiete, korea mena riided.

SKU : h1028 Kategooria:Põhjad

  • Muster Tüüp: Tahke
  • Mudeli Number: S,M,L,XL,XXL
  • Sobib Tüüp: Regulaarne
  • Kanga Tüüp: Broadcloth
  • Vanus: Vanuses 18-35 Aastat Vana
  • Sugu: NAISED
  • Päritolu: CN(Päritolu)
  • Stiil: hiina stiilis
  • Vöö Tüüp: KESKEL
  • Ees Stiil: Korter
  • Hooaeg: Talv
  • Brändi Nimi: VIDMID
  • Materjal: Puuvill
  • Pikkus: Full Length
  • Teenetemärgi: Taskud
  • Pant Stiil: Cargo Püksid
  • Sulgemise Tüüp: Nöör


Suurus Talje Puusad Pükste Pikkuse Mõõtmine CM M 52-78 94 94 L 56-82 98 95 XL 60-86 102 96 XXL 62-90 106 97

Suurus Talje Puusad Pükste Pikkuse Mõõtmine Tolline M 20.5 - 30.7 37.0 37.0 L 22.0 - 32.3 38.6 37.4 XL 23.6 - 33.9 40.2 37.8 XXL 24.4 - 35.4 41.7 38.2


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  • Sabrina Cool2005  — 

    I don't know which corner these corduroy pants are in? There's nothing near corduroy. Tailored terribly, especially the back. She's narrow. Pants do not stretch, walk uncomfortable. Flat Ass at all. In general, throw out money!

  • Mattneter  — 

    For its price, the pants correspond). Delivery turned out to be long. At a height of 169 cm, the length of the size XXL came well, the width of the belt also corresponds to the declared seller. Ah, here the hips were smaller (.

  • Kksrobert  — 

    I'm 38-40 in European size so I took XXL and it's really big. should have taken size L. although the pants are big I recommend them. they comfortable and the fabric is warm and feel nice on skin. I'll probably use it as a pijama. if it's your size it could be great for work, there are also pockets. the ones who comments that it's not corduroy- you right, BUT it doesn't mention in the description! it is made of kind of cotton and fleece as described.

  • Narimankx8  — 

    Pants are quite different, the material is not corduroy, at the bottom is not on a reddish, but the money was returned for this and 4 stars. And so cheating of course